Dubai Traffic Fine Discounts

Dubai Traffic Fine Discounts - Expert Driver's Guide to Slash Your Fines and Drive Worry-Free

As an experienced driver in the bustling city of Dubai, I understand that navigating the roads while keeping track of traffic rules and potential fines can be challenging. To promote road safety and encourage drivers to clear their outstanding fines, the Dubai government often offers discounts on traffic fines. In this article,

Dubai Traffic Fine Discounts

I will share my daily experiences and insights about the discounts available on traffic fines in Dubai and various methods to pay them. Let's explore how you can save money on traffic fines while ensuring a smooth and safe driving experience in Dubai!

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What Discounts on Traffic Fines in Dubai

The Dubai government frequently announces discounts on traffic fines to reward responsible drivers and incentivize the clearance of outstanding fines. These discounts may vary in duration and percentage, so it's crucial to stay updated on the latest announcements. Some discounts offered in the past include:

  1. Dubai Police White Points System: This initiative rewards drivers with a clean record by offering a discount on their existing traffic fines. Drivers can earn white points for each month without traffic violations and use them to offset their fines.
  2. National Day Discounts: In celebration of the UAE's National Day, Dubai Police have previously announced discounts of up to 50% on traffic fines. These discounts are typically valid for a limited time and may apply to fines incurred before a specific date.
  3. Dubai Police Traffic Fines Settlement Initiative: Launched in 2019, this initiative allowed drivers to receive discounts on their fines by following traffic rules for a specific period:
  • 25% discount for adhering to traffic rules for 3 consecutive months
  • 50% discount for 6 consecutive months
  • 75% discount for 9 consecutive months
  • 100% discount for 12 consecutive months

Please note that these discounts may not always be available, and the eligibility criteria may change. Make sure to check the Dubai Police website and local news for the latest information on traffic fine discounts.

Paying Traffic Fines in Dubai - How to Fast

  1. Online payment: The Dubai Police website and mobile app allow you to pay your traffic fines using your credit or debit card. This method is convenient, secure, and available 24/7.
  2. Banks: Several banks in Dubai offer traffic fine payment services. You can pay your fines at their branches, ATMs, or through their online banking platforms.
  3. RTA Smart Kiosks: Pay your traffic fines using RTA smart kiosks available at various locations across the city. These kiosks accept credit or debit card payments.
  4. Customer Happiness Centers: Visit RTA Customer Happiness Centers to pay your fines in person. Make sure to bring your Emirates ID, driving license, or vehicle registration card.


Staying informed about discounts on traffic fines in Dubai and knowing the different payment methods can help you save money and maintain a clean driving record. Keep an eye on the latest announcements from Dubai Police and pay your fines promptly to avoid additional penalties or complications.

Remember, following traffic rules and regulations is the best way to prevent fines and ensure a safe driving environment for everyone. Drive safely and enjoy your time in Dubai!


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