How to Check Traffic Fines by Plate Number in Dubai online

How to Check Traffic Fines by Plate Number in Dubai online - Expert GUIDE and Video

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Key Takeaway:

Learn how to manage Dubai traffic fines efficiently by utilizing your vehicle's license plate number. Our guide offers practical methods to navigate this process seamlessly, ensuring you stay informed and worry-free on the roads.

How can I effectively manage and inspect traffic fines in Dubai using my vehicle's license plate number?

Our 2024 guide provides streamlined methods to check and manage traffic fines in Dubai, making your journey on the roads less daunting.

We offer comprehensive insights into the latest platforms and procedures, ensuring you stay informed and worry-free.

  1. How to Traffic Fine Checks Online with Your Number Plate in Dubai
    1. Dubai Police Website and Mobile App
    2. RTA Website Procedure
    3. Quick Guide to MOI Website
    4. Effortless Checks via EVG

How to Traffic Fine Checks Online with Your Number Plate in Dubai

While our guide offers a comprehensive overview for all emirates, you'll find within detailed links for city-specific guidance in the most significant locations.

In 2024, there are six updated online methods for checking traffic fines by plate number in Dubai, including:

  1. Dubai Police Website and Mobile App
  2. Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) Website
  3. Ministry of Interior (MOI) Website
  4. Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG) Website

Below, we dive into the simplified steps to use each platform.

Dubai Police Website and Mobile App

For a smooth experience, visit the Dubai Police official site at From the main menu, select 'Services', then 'Traffic Services', and 'Fines Inquiry and Payment' for plate numbers. Access the service to check and manage your fines directly.

  1. From the main top menu select [Services] and then [Traffic Services].
  2. Then from all the icons with options that are displayed choose [Fines Inquiry and Payment].
  3. Then on the next page choose the Access Services option.
  4. Finally you land on the Fines Inquiry and Payment form for Plate Number.

Dubai Police App: A Smart Solution

Dubai Police App smartphone

The Dubai Police app simplifies fine management on the go. Download the app, sign in, tap on 'Traffic Fines', enter your plate or Emirates ID number, select 'Dubai', and search to display all fines associated with your vehicle, complete with details for each violation.

  1. Navigate to the Platform: Open the official TAM site or launch the mobile application.
  2. Sign In: Enter your credentials to log into your account, or sign up by following the registration guide if you're a new user.
  3. Submit Your Information: Fill in your Emirates ID and specific details of the traffic violation.
  4. Check Fine Details: Confirm the accuracy of the traffic fine details before moving forward.
  5. Process Your Payment: Select a convenient payment option (such as credit card among others) to finalize the fine payment.
  6. Receive Confirmation: Await the confirmation notice that your fine has been successfully paid.
  7. Obtain a Digital Receipt: Ensure to download or save the digital receipt as a record of your payment.

RTA Website Procedure

rta fines inquiry by plate number

The RTA website allows for an easy fine check without needing personal accounts or a UAE PASS. Simply go to, navigate from the 'Driver And Car Owner' menu to 'Vehicle Licensing', and then 'Pay Fines'.

Input your plate details in the Fines Inquiry form and hit search to view your fines.

  1. On the [Driver And Car Owner] Main Menu select [Vehicle Licensing] and then click on [Pay Fines].
  2. At the top of the main page under the numbers indicating the process look for and select the blue button indicating Start.
  3. In the Fines Inquiry form fill in your Number Plate details and click the Search button.
  4. Finally, press the "Search" button.
  5. The system then displays the status of your fines on your plate number.

Quick Guide to MOI Website

Check Traffic Fines by plate number in MOI website

To initiate a check through the Ministry of Interior's portal, ensure you have a UAE PASS. Visit, navigate to the 'Important Services'.

Important Notice:

You can only use this service if you have a UAE PASS.

When you get to the website follow the steps

  1. Navigate to the 'Importan Service' menu.
  2. Choose 'File Traffic Reports"
  3. Enter with your UAE pass
  4. Your displayed results will list any applicable traffic fines.

Effortless Checks via EVG

Check traffic fines by plate number in EVG

Accessing your plate number fines through the EVG portal is straightforward. Log into your account at, search for any outstanding fines, select them, and complete the payment online with a credit card.

  1. Login to your EVG Account
  2. Search for outstanding fines
  3. Select fines to pay
  4. Pay online using a credit card

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