Sharjah Traffic Fine Check

Sharjah Traffic Fine Check - An Expert Driver's Guide to Discovering & Settling Fines in Sharjah

Driving in Sharjah, the third-largest city in the United Arab Emirates, can be an enjoyable experience if you adhere to the traffic rules and regulations. However, even the most cautious drivers might end up with a fine due to unforeseen circumstances.

Sharjah Traffic Fine Check

As an experienced driver navigating the roads of Sharjah, I understand the challenges you may face when it comes to traffic fines. In this article, I will walk you through the process of checking for fines in Sharjah and the various ways to pay them off.

Read on to learn the secrets to managing traffic fines and ensuring a smooth driving experience in Sharjah!

  1. Sharjah Traffic Fine Check
  2. How to Pay Traffic Fines in Sharjah
  3. Conclusion

Sharjah Traffic Fine Check

  1. Online inquiry via Sharjah Police website or app: The most convenient way to check for traffic fines is through the official Sharjah Police website or their mobile app, available for both Android and iOS devices. Enter your Emirates ID, driving license number, or vehicle plate number, and the system will display any outstanding fines.
  2. SMS notification service: You can subscribe to the SMS notification service provided by Sharjah Police. This service will send you an SMS whenever you receive a traffic fine. To activate this service, visit the nearest traffic police service center.
  3. Visiting Traffic Police service centers: If you prefer to check your fines in person, you can visit any traffic police service center in Sharjah. Bring your Emirates ID, driving license, or vehicle registration card, and the staff will assist you.

How to Pay Traffic Fines in Sharjah

  1. Online payment: Pay your fines effortlessly through the Sharjah Police website or mobile app using your credit or debit card. This method is not only convenient but also secure.
  2. Banks and financial institutions: Several banks in Sharjah offer traffic fine payment services. You can pay your fines at their branches, ATMs, or through their online banking platforms.
  3. Smart kiosks: You'll find smart kiosks in various locations throughout the city, including shopping malls, where you can pay your fines using your credit or debit card.
  4. Traffic Police service centers: You can also pay your fines in person at any traffic police service center in Sharjah.
  5. Vehicle registration renewal: When renewing your vehicle registration, any outstanding fines will need to be paid. You can pay the fines at the registration center or through online registration platforms.


Understanding how to check and pay traffic fines in Sharjah is crucial for maintaining a trouble-free driving experience. Keep track of any outstanding fines and pay them promptly to avoid additional penalties or issues.

Remember, adhering to traffic rules and regulations is the best way to prevent fines and ensure a safe driving environment for everyone. Enjoy your drive!

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